What islands can learn from Mauritius about tourism and entertainment

Tourism remains incredibly important for island destinations – and that trend shows no signs of slowing down or reversing. The tourism industry provides business opportunities and contributes to economic development on islands.


But research shows that the tourists of the 21st century are more demanding and have different needs. Tourists are always in search of unique opportunities.

Mauritius has adapted to tourists’ more sophisticated demands by diversifying its offering to them. The island has developed a variety of entertainment opportunities aside from the traditional beach tourism. As a result of this work, tourist numbers have risen compared to previous years. For example, Statistics Mauritius shows that more that one million tourists visited Mauritius in 2015 compared with 934,827 in the year 2010.

This doesn’t mean that entertainment was the only reason for the rise in tourism. Between 2005 and 2010 tourism climbed from 761,000 to 935,000. That can be attributed to a number of things such as technological development, government support, pro-tourism policies and opening up air access to other airlines.

But according to our research in the last five years we found that entertainment was the biggest pull factor. This means that tourism destinations and businesses should have better knowledge

Mountain Tourism in Nepal


There are many things to do in Nepal. There are many places to visit in Nepal. and There are many tourist attraction points in Nepal. Because Nepal is one of the most beautiful country in the world. Mountain tourism in Nepal is one of the best tourism sector.


Tourism is an ancient phenomenon and an inherent nomadic urge in man. From the very earliest historical period, travel has remained a fascination to man. In ancient time pilgrims, traders, explorers, adventurer and some scholars had undertaken journey in order to fulfill their respective requirements and needs. The progress of tourism development is related with human evolution. To search for basic needs of life; food, cloth and shelter, human beings used to move from one place to another place. Travelling in those times was difficult because of severe constraint of well equipped transport, lack of safety and comforts. Gradually, when permanent settlement started, different religions and trade emerged which motivated people to travel different places.

Tourism in the pure sense is essentially a pleasure activity and   involves   a  

Maldives travel guide


An insider’s guide to the Maldives, featuring the archipelago’s best hotels, restaurants, bars, attractions and things to do, including how to travel there and around. By Adrian Neville, Telegraph Travel’s Maldives expert. Click on the tabs below for the best places to stay and what to do while you’re there.

Adrian Neville Adrian Neville, a guidebook writer and photographer, has spent the past 20 years visiting and reviewing every hotel resort in the Maldives. He is also the author of Resorts of the Maldives, a self-published guide to more than 100 of the archipelago’s hotels. 

Why go?

These are the most beautiful small islands on earth. They are safe; there are no hawkers selling sarongs and taxi tours and, unless you seek them out, no distractions. There is no agriculture and no industry and the turquoise lagoons are crystal clear. Strange to think that the idyllic Maldives have only been a holiday destination for 40 years or so.

Great Experience Using a Party Bus Service!

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You Can Bring Back Old Memories in Today’s Times

They say that you can’t go back to life the way that it was, but I believe that’s only semi-true. Of course, things won’t be exactly the same if you recreate older events, but you can still have the same amount of fun in the present with old friends doing some of the things you used to do together. You just do it in a new way, and it will bring back some great emotions and memories. To do this with a bunch of my old buddies, I made some calls to The Toronto Party Buses rental company that rents busses for people to have fun on. I was looking forward to letting know what I was up to with my throwback party that I had been planning for awhile.

It all started back in the seventies when two of my buddies bought an old school bus for only $200.00 from a farmer who had stored it on his land for many years. It needed a lot of work to get it into working condition again, but boy of my friends had learned how to work on vehicles in the automotive class offered at the high school that we attended. They

These Are the Three Best Croatian Sailing Spots

There are fantastic regions dotted all over the Mediterranean for a bareboat charter, where you can take in the outstanding climate, benefit from a gentle but helpful breeze for sailing, and learn about local cultures, cuisines, people and terrains. But despite all the undoubtable attractions of a week or two spent sailing through the Med, there exists an alternative, that is not too far away, and that arguably offers even superior sailing conditions in an even more desirable region. Ladies and gentlemen, captains and deck hands, I give you Croatia!

The Adriatic Sea has some of the finest weather in all of Europe, and although much of Europe doesn’t recognise it, some of the finest geography for sailing, as well. With literally thousands of islands dotting the Croatian coastline, every single yacht charter can be a unique experience, filled with great food, beaches, restaurants, architecture and music.

Here are the three best Croatian sailing spots for you to visit during your bareboat charter.

Kornati, the crown jewel of the coral

Kornati is filled to the brim with reefs, bays, inlets, and tip-top sailing. Consisting of in the region of 130 islands, you

Call for Brussels Girls

Once you visit Bruseels call girl website you will find a way to meet many beautiful girls. Well, it is a miracle for men to be able to spend time with a lady which in his type. If you like to spend time in Brussels, Sky Model can be a way to connect you with a girl that you like. Here, Brussels call girls are available to give you such a pleasure in which you can communicate and spend time all night long with. This is a good chance for you to relieve your stress and go have a paradise with the girl you like.

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Taking a Golf Holiday

If you love golf and enjoy experiencing new courses, you may want to consider taking a holiday that involves golfing. You can plan a trip around your golf hobby and enjoy a holiday you will never forget. There are travel organisations that are dedicated to helping you plan a golf trip in your local country or even internationally. If you love golf and are planning your next holiday, consider planning a trip that will allow you to experience golf in a whole new way.

How Does It Work?

Golf holidays are becoming more popular, thanks to the growing fascination with golf and the large number of courses all over the world. You can plan a golf trip that lasts a weekend, or one that lasts over a week. Some travel companies offer holidays in a variety of countries, and you can even plan trips that combine other activities such as wine tasting or accommodations in a private villa on a beautiful tropical island. There are many options, so you are sure to find the golf holiday that is perfect for you.

Planning Your Trip

If you have decided to plan a golf

100 Beautiful Places in India Part 2

51. Vembanad Lake

A highlight of the state of Kerala is the Vembanad Lake. It is India’s longest and every year, it plays host to the coveted Nehru Trophy Boat Race. There are several resorts nestled on the banks of the lake, which are ideal for a romantic holiday in Kerala. You can spend your time here fishing, taking a relaxing boat ride, or even birdwatching. During the migratory season, the region is frequented by a quite a few different species of birds.

52. Bekal Fort

If you thought Kerala is only about natural beauty, the Bekal Fort will make you change your opinion. Spread across a sprawling 40 acres of land, the fort is the largest in the region. A large part of the fort is in dilapidated condition since the waves from the sea continually hit against the walls of the fort. However, despite that, it is a beautiful fort which tells you a lot about the old times. Unlike other forts in several parts of the country, the Bekal Fort was not an administrative centre. There are no palaces or halls within the fort. Instead, it was exclusively used to store ammunition and for defense purposes. A visit to

10 Travel Tips To Keep You From Going Insane at the Airport

1. Lower Your Expectations – Back in the day, flying was supposed to be a pleasant adventure. Even if it really wasn’t, airline marketing (“fly the friendly skies”) and the relative novelty of soaring above the clouds made air travel something to get dressed up for. Today, half the adult U.S. population takes the flying bus and most of us – at least in the back of the plane – would just as soon avoid the hassle, crowding and stress that the experience has too often become, even if flying is still a pretty good bargain. Meanwhile, airlines no longer promise to “take care” of passengers. They see their job as more limited — in the words of the CEO of United, America’s largest airline — to “get you where you want to go, on time, with your underwear.” Pretty basic. “Sit back and relax” has evolved into “you get what you pay for.”

2. Build Your Own Nest Onboard – At least in the economy section, the airline today is not going to give you a free pillow or blanket (at least not a clean one), or food, or entertainment (unless you enjoy the “SkyMall” catalog) or playing cards

Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Bag

A fundamental packing question is your choice of luggage. Of all the options for travel bags, I’d consider only five:

  • a carry-on-size soft backpack,
  • an internal-frame backpack,
  • a carry-on-size soft-sided bag with wheels,
  • a carry-on-size hard-sided bag with wheels, or
  • a carry-on-size rolling backpack.

Each of these options has its advantages and drawbacks. Before you decide, consider these factors:

  • External dimensions: Is it small enough to work as a carry-on? (If not, are you willing to put up with the likely delays and extra fees that come with checking your bag?)
  • Weight: The lighter the better (even rolling bags need to be carried from time to time)
  • Comfort/Ease of carrying/Mobility: Consider not just airport terminals but uneven surfaces (cobblestones, gravel) and stairs, and the advantages of carrying your bag while still having both hands free…as well as how easily you can carry 20–25 lbs on your back
  • Efficiency of space: Look for the most (usable) capacity within the external dimensions
  • Expandability: A nice option, especially for the trip home
  • Quality of materials: Go with a well-established and/or well-reviewed brand
  • Cost: Worth considering, but not at the expense of decent quality

Frankly, no one bag is ideal all the time for every traveler. When weighing your choice of bags, think about which of the above

Electric Europe: Adapters and Converters

Europe’s electrical system is different from ours in two ways: the voltage of the current and the shape of the plug.

American appliances run on 110 volts, while European appliances are 220 volts. Newer travel accessories and electronic gadgets are “dual voltage,” which means they work on both American and European current. If you see a range of voltages printed on the item or its plug (such as “110–220”), you’re OK in Europe. Some older appliances have a voltage switch marked 110 (US) and 220 (Europe) — switch it to 220 as you pack.

A few old, cheap American appliances aren’t equipped to deal with the voltage difference at all, and they could be damaged or destroyed if plugged directly into a European wall outlet. To make these work, you’d need to buy a separate, bulky converter (about $30), but it’s not worth it. With so many dual-voltage gadgets available, I haven’t traveled with a separate converter in years. Still not sure? Travel stores offer useful advice on plugs and adapters (such as Magellan’s “Electrical Connection Wizard”).

Once you’ve dealt with the voltage, you’ll have to consider the plug. A small adapter allows American-style plugs (two flat prongs) to fit into British or

The Well-Packed Suitcase

I never check a bag. As a result, my luggage is never lost and it always arrives at my destination at the same instant I do. Over the years I’ve saved hundreds of hours by avoiding the baggage carousel.

Rolling suitcases are easy to manage and, in fact, make very nice ottomans during airport waits. I’ve done seven days on the dressy Orient-Express and seventeen days adventuring in Costa Rica with just carry-ons, and I can promise that if you pack wisely, you will have all you need and want for a five-day city trip that involves business and pleasure.

The strategy for a carry-on-only trip also includes a tote bag with a zipper. It absorbs all my personal items for the flight, from iPod to paperbacks to pashmina. I take a couple of envelope purses (one is tucked in my suitcase; the other is in my tote), which take up minimal space and serve for dressier occasions. The other key rules are a simple color palette — neutrals, few prints — and clothes that do dual duty.

What to Bring


· 3 pairs of pants (two for business,

How to plan a round-the-world trip

Itʼs the ultimate trip: circumnavigating the planet, and stopping off wherever takes your fancy. Great for travellers who want to see it all, or who are just plain indecisive. But booking a round-the-world (RTW) trip can be a complex business. Hereʼs our guide to getting started.

How to do it

The most economical way to circumnavigate is to buy a round-the-world air ticket that uses one airline alliance. Theoretically, any routing is possible, but knowing how the RTW booking system works will make your trip cheaper. For example, the Star Alliance, a coalition of 27 airlines, offers a RTW ticket with a maximum of 15 stops. Its member airlines fly to 1185 airports in 185 countries.

There are rules: you must follow one global direction (east or west – no backtracking); you must start and finish in the same country; and you must book all your flights before departure, though you can change them later (which may incur extra charges).

How long you need

You could whip round the world in a weekend if you flew non-stop. However, the minimum duration of most RTW tickets is ten days – still a breathless romp. Consider stock-piling annual leave, tagging on public holidays

Airport Tips

Know your airport’s code. It’s easy for luggage-destination tags to get mixed up at a curbside check-in. Learn the three-letter airport code for your destination and make sure your skycap labels the bag properly. The codes aren’t always intuitive (for example, New Orleans’s Louis Armstrong Airport is MSY), so check the list at airport-technology.com, especially if your destination has more than one airport. “Cities with multiple airports can cause problems if passengers don’t know which they’re flying into,” says Tim Wagner, a spokesperson for American Airlines.

Ask about your options. Stuck with your children at Boston’s Logan Airport? An airport employee can direct you to terminal C, where a baggage carousel–style slide anchors a play area. Tired of the same old food-court choices? In the Austin, Texas, airport, make a beeline for Salt Lick―it serves up some of the state’s best barbecue. You can even get through security faster by seeking out additional lines: “Airports will often open another line during peak times, so it pays to ask,” TSA spokesperson Sterling Payne says.

Exercise caution in duty-free shops. “Not everything in duty-free is a bargain,” says Janice Mosher, director of the Customer Service Center for U.S. Customs. “If you really want that

Clearing Customs on the Way Home

Customs regulations vary depending on whether you are bringing items home on the plane with you, or mailing them to a US address. It’s smart to check US customs rules and duty rates before you hop on the plane home.

Bringing Things Home in Your Luggage

You are allowed to take home $800 worth of items per person duty-free in your luggage, once every 30 days (family members can combine their individual $800 exemptions on a joint declaration). The next $1,000 is taxed at a flat 3 percent. After that, you pay the individual item’s duty rate. You can also bring in duty-free a liter of alcohol (slightly more than a standard-size bottle of wine; you must be at least 21), 200 cigarettes, and up to 100 non-Cuban cigars. Household effects intended for personal use, such as tableware and linens, are also duty-free.

Because food items can carry devastating diseases or pests, they are strictly regulated. You may take home vacuum-packed cheeses; dried herbs, spices, or mushrooms; and canned fruits or vegetables, including jams and vegetable spreads. Baked goods, candy, chocolate, oil, vinegar, mustard, and honey are OK. Fresh fruits and vegetables (even that banana from your airplane breakfast) are not permitted. Meats

100 Beautiful Places in India

India is a land of many paradoxes. There are people who strive hard to earn their bread and butter here, and then there are people who have all the luxuries of life. There are cultures which are forward thinking and open to changes, and then there are cultures which strongly hold to their roots. There are places which are rugged and barren, and there are places which are blessed with lush greenery and amazing forests.

And each one of those paradoxes of India is beautiful in its own right. You don’t need to go looking for beauty in India. You come across it while exploring the land. But for those who want to experience some of the most beautiful destinations of the country, here is a list of 100 beautiful tourist places in India that you cannot miss out on.

Himachal Pradesh

1. Khajjiar

This beautiful place bears a very striking resemblance to Switzerland’s topography, the well known romanticizing location. Khajjar is located at the foot of Dhauladkar , in the lap of Himalayas and is 2000 meters above sea level.

A beautiful panoramic view of the densely populated forests and the meadows and snowy peaks of Himalayas can be captured. Summer months are the

12 Ways to Save on Last-Minute Holiday Travel

If going home for the holidays — or escaping from home — is a part of your December plan, you may think it’s too late to score a deal. After all, aren’t we always told to book in advance for the best prices? While it can be easier to find deals if you have more time, there are plenty of ways to save money on last-minute holiday travel.

1. Cash in Frequent-Flier Miles

Hopefully you have a credit card or belong to a loyalty program that lets you rack up rewards to be used on travel. Put those frequent-flier miles to use when it comes time to buy your airfare.

Another option may be to use the miles to upgrade your travel accommodations from economy to first class. Treat yourself and travel in style. You’ll still be paying full price for the economy ticket, but it may make for a more enjoyable holiday. Plus, some airlines check luggage for free for first-class fliers.

If you don’t have any frequent-flier miles, play the credit card rewards game and get ready for next year.

2. Sign Up for Fare Alerts

Rather than checking the travel sites compulsively, let them email you when fares drop. You can sign up

27 Personal Finance Tips for Overseas Travel

We all need vacations. At least once a year. Twice is better. Whether you decide to travel within your country, or outside your country depends on you and your budget. But in the end, if we want to unwind ourselves, add zest to our life from all the hustle-bustle of our mundane lifestyle, and the constant pressures from the office, we need breaks. All works and no plays make Jack a dull boy. Here, our “plays” are a suitcase, some clothes, essential necessities, tickets, passport, and off to explore the world.

The reason why people who tend to travel often succeed more at work than those who don’t is because travelling diversifies one’s mind. You want to know in details? Read on.

1. They are open-minded.

People who are involved in office works, especially the high level corporate office leaders have agreed that once they come back from a holiday, they tend to focus more on works. Their minds get fresh, more open towards the world. They are more ambitious, they have a clearer perspective on everything, and more importantly, they are more optimistic.

2. They have a wider range in networking.

When you are visiting another country for a conference, or workshops, you are

6 Reasons Why Solo Travel Is So Addictive

The first time you travel solo can be a nerve-wracking experience. Possibly, for the first time in your life, you only have yourself to rely on. There’s the little experiences, like not having anyone to look after your bag when you go to the airport bathroom. Then, there’s the big ones, like finding yourself stranded with nowhere to sleep at midnight, because you’ve been locked out of your hostel.

So why exactly is this so addictive? Quite simply, because there’s something totally unbeatable about conquering challenges on your own. About living by the seat of your pants, choosing your own adventures, rules and schedules and being solely accountable for everything that happens. And that, as all solo travelers know, is the true meaning of freedom.

1. You’ll Learn How To Lead

You’re the director, producer and actor in the movie that is your life, but, in the chaos of everyday moments, this can be hard to remember. The second you embark on solo travel, you understand the true meaning of being entirely responsible for yourself. You’re in charge of every decision and there’s nothing more empowering than discovering how capable you are.

2. You’ll Abandon Your Comfort Zones

Traveling solo is always an expansive experience, as it

Packing Tips: Clothes

The bulk of your luggage is filled with clothing. Minimize by bringing less. Experienced travelers try to bring only things that will be worn repeatedly, complement other items, and have multiple uses (for example, since I don’t swim much, I let my shorts double as a swimsuit). Pack with color coordination in mind. Neutral colors (black, navy, khaki) dress up easily and can be extremely versatile.

To extend your wardrobe, plan to spend 10 minutes doing a little wash every few nights, or consider a visit to a local launderette, which is in itself a Back Door experience. Choose fabrics that resist wrinkling or look good wrinkled. If you wring with gusto, lightweight clothing should dry overnight in your hotel room.

Many travelers are concerned about appropriate dress. During tourist season, the concert halls go casual. I have never felt out of place at symphonies, operas, or plays wearing a decent pair of slacks and a good-looking sweater or collared shirt. Some cultural events require more formal attire, particularly outside of high season, but the casual tourist rarely encounters these. Women who don’t pack a dress or skirt will do just fine with a pair of nice pants.

If you’re trying to blend

Packing Smart and Traveling Light

The importance of packing light cannot be overemphasized, but, for your own good, I’ll try. You’ll never meet a traveler who, after five trips, brags: “Every year I pack heavier.” The measure of a good traveler is how light he or she travels. You can’t travel heavy, happy, and cheap. Pick two.

One Bag, That’s It

My self-imposed limit is 20 pounds in a 9″ × 21″ × 14″ carry-on-size bag (it’ll fit in your airplane’s overhead bin, at least on your transatlantic flight — though many European airlines restrict hand luggage to even smaller weights and dimensions). At my company, we’ve taken tens of thousands of people of all ages and styles on tours through Europe. We allow only one carry-on bag. For many, this is a radical concept: 9″ × 21″ × 14″? That’s my cosmetics kit! But they manage, and they’re glad they did. After you enjoy that sweet mobility and freedom, you’ll never go any other way.

You’ll walk with your luggage more than you think you will. Before flying to Europe, give yourself a test. Pack up completely, go into your hometown, and practice being a tourist for an hour. Fully loaded, you should enjoy window-shopping. If you